Petromax Products

Petromax products are water-based proprietary non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally safe products designed to remove hydrocarbons from inorganics in such a manner as to not allow the hydrocarbons to re-attach.

The product list below (ionic compounds and related application methods) constitutes the present Petromax Technologies product line.

Petromax WCC (Well Casing Cleaner) – The Petromax concentrate is applied down-hole under 20,000 psi through a high-speed rotating nozzle.

Petromax SRP (Soil Remediation Process) – Contaminated soil is processed using the Alfaluz engineered Workhorse remediation system, removing and recovering hydrocarbons for further downstream processing, and at the same time leaving clean, pristine soil in a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly way.

Petromax PSC-1,2,3 (Petroleum Sludge Conditioning) – Sludge conditioning to enhance or facilitate downstream handling which include, but are not limited to, down hole injection, coker injection, bioremediation, de-watering and other.  Petromax PSC products are utilized in sludge removal from tanks, roll-offs, temporary storage tanks, pits or lagoons and production oil knock-out vessels.

Petromax SPC (Sludge Processing) – Sludge is pumped through a Petromax ultra-high pressure processing chamber where hydrocarbons are detached from organic particles. Waste is then pumped to a settling bin where unmodified oil is recovered or pumped through a coker unit or refined into a salable product.

Petromax TS (Oil Sands Processing) – Oil sands are presently mined in a process that leaves considerable oil on the sand and creates a highly toxic emulsified clay, water, and oil waste stream called Mature Fine Tailings (MFT). The Alfaluz Workhorse TS Oil Recovery System dramatically increases oil production output at less cost and in a non-toxic, environmentally-friendy manner, thus completely eliminating MFTs.

Petromax WOR (Waste Oil Recovery) – The Alfaluz Workhorse WOR process remediates oil ponds, pits, and lagoons and at the same time recovers the oil for further downstream processing.

Petromax PCC (Parts Cleaning) – Cleaning and processing applications for degreasing metal parts and scrap metal cleaning.

Petromax SPC (Surface Preparation Cleaning) – Surface preparation and/or cleaning to remove oil from facility working surfaces such as heat exchangers or pump casings.

Petromax PRR (Paraffin Remediation/Recovery) – High paraffin content waste oil recovery/remediation process.

Petromax PPOR (Petromax Production Oil Recovery) – Petromax processing is utilized to condition sludge for crude recovery into a distribution pipeline.

Petromax DR (Drag Reducer) – Petromax creates a colloidal suspension which reduces drag and facilitates movement of heavy oil through pipelines.

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