In the field, lighter, sweet crude is the most desired and valued in the commodity market.


The challenge faced by many operators is that oil quality varies from field to field and often well to well. Contaminants that bond to hydrocarbon molecules create a viscus, heavy oil that gets less dollar for dollar compared to its lighter counterparts.

Alfaluz's innovative line of products separate contaminants from crude oil and leave operators a salable, more valuable commodity - much safer, faster, and at a fraction of the cost of other cleaning systems.  



The Alfaluz line of innovations takes advantage of charge modification to separate hydrocarbons from inorganic contaminants and virtually eliminate H2S with its non-exothermic chemical reaction. Thes contaminants are not only unsafe but can also reduce the value of your produced oil and increase operational time, maintenance, and transportation costs.

Heavy oil is dense, viscous, and contaminated because contaminants with a positive charge are attracted to the negative charge of the oil. Just like when the positive side of a magnet attaches itself to the negative side of another magnet, these opposites attract and form a bond that can be difficult to break.


The Alfaluz line of products modifies the charge of inorganics (contaminants) helping to break those positive and negative bonds that make a contaminant a contaminant. 

The Alfaluz line of innovations modifies the charge of inorganics (contaminants) helping to break those positive and negative bonds that make a contaminant a contaminant.  Just as if you flipped the positive side of a magnet to its negative side and placed it near another magnet's side, the charges repel each other, allowing for the bond to break and separation to occur.


The result, a lighter, less viscous, more valuable crude.




Alfaluz innovations are SAFE - our equipment has a small footprint and comes quickly online, and all formulations are 99% water making them safe to use and environmentally sound.


Alfaluz solutions work FAST - our specialized equipment and charge modification process break the bond between oil and contaminants delivering instantaneous results.


Alfaluz solutions are EFFECTIVE - once the charge modification process is complete the oil retains the repelling property helping to protect equipment and speed up production flow.


Alfaluz solutions are PROFITABLE - once contaminants are separated from crude oil operators are left with a lighter, and more valuable product.

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Did you know?

  • Each 1 percent of  sulfur can lower the price  of your crude by as much as 5% per dollar of Brent Crude





The Alfaluz WorkHorse System is a low cost inline system that effectively breaks various water/oil emulsions, mitigates H2S, and permanently separates solids, water, salt, and heavy metals from produced oil.

The system uses a small amount of water - that is reused at the end of the process - in conjunction with the patented Alfaluz Petromax® formula.

The WorkHorse system is inexpensive, cheap to operate, uses very little energy and water. The system has few moving parts is simple to operate and reliable over time.




Used at each stage of the WorkHorse process Petromax® alters the surface charge of particles to render fluid lighter and less viscous.


During stage one, Petromax® is applied on material entering on the hopper in preparation for the M-CRACK phase.

During the M-Crack phase The Petromax® formulation is used to separate solids and prepare fluid for the final phase of separation.

During the last phase of separation Petromax is used once again to aid in reclaiming system water for reuse.




The workhorse system sends fluids through a series of two M-Crack units.


The first uses six to eight 5000 psi nozzles to inject a mix of water, Petromax®, and a small amount of diesel that separates the fluid making it lighter and preparing it for the next phase of separation. 

The second M-Crack stage uses only four nozzles to inject clean water at ambient temperature to continue the separation process.

The result is a fluid containing only very small particles that is ready for final separation.




During the final stage of separation fluid moves through a series of three final holding tanks.


The first is the Alfaluz Hydro Cyclonic Holding Tank where ultafine particles are removed.


The fluid then moves to the Desander Cyclone where additional solids and fines are removed.


During stage three the  liquid flows into the Liquid Hydro Cyclone where water and oil are separated sending the water for treatment and reuse and the oil to conditioned oil to storage where this now premium product is ready for sale.


Did you know?

  • Each degree the Total Acid Number (TAN) increases it lowers the price of your crude by as much as another 5% per dollar of Brent Crude.


The M-Crack® System has been designed to maximize the benefits of Petromax® in an Oil cleaning and pre-Conditioning process to achieve the maximum value of the Oil by reducing or eliminating its main contaminants and transportation problems.



The system breaks stable emulsions, reduces viscosity and density, cleans and separates the solids, reduces or mitigates H2S, and reduces paraffin and asphaltene issues.  Salt and heavy metals are captured and carried within the water phase. 

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